My 2018 January Favourites!

January Favourites 2018

Today marks the last day of January. It’s pretty amazing how the first month of 2018, has already come & gone. Although it was not a month full of traveling, it was still a great month. Although I am excited about getting back to traveling in the next few weeks, it felt relaxing to have a month spent in Budapest. With all the time spent at home, I tested many new products, found new ways to organize my blog & set a travel bucket list for the year. So here are my January Favourites! Brace yourselves, there’s a ton of iPhone related products!

Project 365

This app was mentioned in my 2018 Resolutions blog post and I still love it! So far, I stuck to it & was able to post a picture every day, on the app, for the month of January. What’s so great about the app, is that you get to start it whenever want. I can’t wait to look back on all the memories, at the end of the year.

iPhone 8 Plus

For Christmas, I received an awesome gift from my parents; a new phone! I ended up getting an iPhone 8 Plus, which I love. The two main things I love about the new phone are the battery & camera.

On weekdays, I tend to unplug my phone at around 6:00 am, to turn off my first alarm. I do use my phone a lot throughout the day; I take pictures, message friends and family, check social media, etc. The battery on the iPhone 8 Plus is so great, I don’t have to charge it until I go to sleep! And every night before bed, I have at least 35% left. Pretty great in comparison to older iPhones which I had to charge at least twice a day.

The iPhone 8 Plus & X both have “Portrait Mode” on their cameras. And let me just tell you this, this feature is AMAZING! The photos turn out fantastic & sometimes they look even better than a photo taken on my DSLR. This is perfect for any blogger / content creator.

Get the iPhone 8 Plus here;

Mophie Wireless Charger

Another great feature that comes with the new iPhones, are the glass back. Which means; WIRELESS CHARGING! This is something I never knew I needed, but now can’t live without! It is so convenient & I love not needing to plug my phone in to charge! The only thing you need to do, is make sure that you’ve placed it correctly so that it’s charging. There is a small light that will flash, if it’s not charging. But trust me, this is life changing!

Get the Mophie Wireless Charger here;

SD card to lightning cable

When we travel, we like to take photos on our DSLR. But we don’t necessarily like carrying a laptop with us. We recently discovered this awesome little gadget that allows us to transfer anything from our SD card onto my iPhone or iPad. It’s perfect for when you capture that amazing shot & want to share it on social media right away!

I purchased the certified Apple one, since I had a gift card. But you can get an Amazon version here;

Clear iPhone case

This was my life savor of the month! With my new phone being all glass, I had to make sure to find the perfect case(s). The other day, my phone fell so hard and made the loudest noise; I thought it had shattered to pieces. But, this case saved it. I love how it’s a hard clear case, with a bumper around the front & the back camera. It is quite possibly the best clear case out there & it comes at a great price. Not to mention, it was Amazon’s Top Choice when I bought it. Trust me, you won’t regret this!

Get the iPhone case here;

What products have you been loving during the month of January? I’d love to hear them! x


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