My Favourite Ways To Unwind!

Favourite ways to unwind

Life can be busy; with work, friends, family & a blog to run, it can get so hard to manage! My previous post was all about how I stay organized as a blogger, so here is continuation of that post. Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind, after a stressful & busy day!

Take a bath/bath bombs.

Unfortunately we do not have a bathtub in our apartment. However, if we did, this would be one of my favourite ways to unwind. If you’re not into bath bombs, just a typical bubble bath can do. If you don’t have a bath, I love taking a hot shower or going to some of the amazing Budapest thermal baths.

A great pack of bath bombs:

And an amazing bubble bath:


A great scent for relaxation & can help you fall asleep at night. I love using lavender scented body creams and hand lotions. I keep one at my desk and one by my bedside table, which I apply every night before I go to sleep.

Hand cream:

Watch a movie or TV show.

I love having Netflix, there are so many movies and shows to choose from, of all genres! I am definitely guilting of binge watching, especially on those lazy Saturdays. There are many alternatives such as Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, etc. Sometimes, all you need is a good watch!

Go for a walk.

If I feel stressed out and there is too much on my mind, I ask Matt to take me for a walk. Sometimes, it does you good to take your mind off of things. If you live by the beach, even better, there’s no better feeling than having sand between your toes. Here in Budapest, we don’t really have a beach, so I love walking by the Danube!

Write / read a book.

I personally find that writing a blog post or planning in my journal, quite relaxing. I want to make sure I am staying up to date with my new blog schedule. However, it is quite easy to follow, when writing makes me feel at ease. Others, may find that reading a book helps. Go to your local library, or read an interesting article online, this can help you unwind after a stressful day.

What are your favourite ways to unwind after a busy day? I’d love to hear them! x

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