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Where have I been? – An Update.


Welcome back to Travelette.  // Where on Earth have I been?

Over the past two months, I have been MIA from my blog. Although still very much present on social media. There have been so many things going on! Where do I even begin?


You probably last read, that we traveled to Berlin for 5 days in February; it was beautiful! We loved exploring the German capital. And despite having so many days there, we still did not get to see everything! We cannot wait to go back soon, perhaps when the weather is a little bit warmer!

My last blog post was a review of the hotel we stayed it. Be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Be sure to stay connected! I will soon be featuring a blog post all about what we did during our stay in Berlin. I promise!

How I Plan A Trip



In March, I crossed off one of my 2018 Travel Bucket List Destinations; Dublin! Not only was I able to visit the city, I was there during St-Patrick’s Day! What an incredible experience that was! It was my first time traveling to Ireland. I’ll be writing all about my experience in the wonderful city on the busiest day of the year very soon! Stay tuned.


We also had another very special trip during the month of March. My dad had a very big birthday! He turned 80 on March 30th. So, Matt & I, surprised my parents by visiting them in Montreal. It was pretty wonderful! I had not been home in over 8 months, so it felt so good to be back. Although it was only a 10 day trip, it was better than nothing. I can’t wait to go back home in the summertime!


And now?

Not much has been going on in terms of travel. It has been put on a hold due to many different things going on in our personal lives. There is nothing currently planned in our agendas, however we hope to resume traveling very soon. We expect to start again in the summer, but there is always the possibility of a small trip here and there. You’ll have to keep checking back for updates!


To stay connected during my “blogging breaks” be sure to be following me on Instagram, where I post regularly!

Until next time! x

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